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ENROLLING NOW for 2021-2022:

This school year can be productive, joyful and meaningful. We believe humans learn best by doing, especially when that constitutes purposeful work supported by flexible practitioners. We're committed to this in both a physical classroom and virtual space!

We are currently enrolling for Fall of 2021.


City of Bridges believes that knowledge, understanding and skills are built through hands-on experiences and application of learning to its purpose. We are committed to providing our students with opportunities to explore their interests with professionals through meaningful mentorships and internships. 



City of Bridges believes that in order to have a more just, equitable, sustainable and joyful future we need to live those values in the present.

We are committed to being an inclusive, caring and justice oriented community that works to support the growth of a measurable better world. 


City of Bridges believes that learning must have purpose, meaning and should spark curiosity and excitement. We are committed to fostering a personalized learning environment that allows people to explore their interests while building the knowledge, skills and understanding that they need to bring their preferred futures to life.  



Learn about our plans for the fall here

You can find our current Covid-19 Plan here


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