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Join the Team!

Do you want to be a part of shaping the future of education for our youth?


City of Bridges High School is a new Progressive private school that opened in the Fall of 2019. 

We believe in: Personalized and Integrated Curriculum, Real World Learning, Student Agency and Governance, Peace and Justice, and Community.  


It is our mission to graduate young adults who are prepared to assert their agency in the world, who have the lived-experience, knowledge and skills to follow their passions, and who are dedicated to living with empathy, justice, peace, compassion, and joy in order to transform the world into a measurably more positive place.

Position Summary:

Faculty at City of Bridges hold teaching duties as well as some administrative duties. Every one teaches and supports the school with their talents. (As an example, the Head of School is also a Humanities teacher). Full time faculty members teach an academic load including core classes, electives, and short form block classes, lead morning community time, serve as club and House leaders, mentors, and advisors. We are building a new school and we need people who are excited by the opportunity, and are able to accept the uncertainty of a new adventure.  The ideal candidate will be curious, interested in progressive education, engaged by the City of Bridges mission, passionate, highly energetic, and committed to working with adolescents. The ideal candidate will have the academic background to teach interdisciplinary courses.  They will be comfortable teaching a wide-range of courses, both sharing their passions and helping students to explore their own. 


City of Bridges High School faculty are experts in their field, they are flexible and joyful, they are committed to social justice, and they laugh an awful lot.    

We are seeking faculty members with backgrounds in many fields.

Candidates should have substantial experience in their field as well as working with adolescents.

If you are interested in being a founding faculty member of City of Bridges, send a letter of interest and a resume to Randy Bartlett at

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