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Our Mission

City of Bridges High School is a progressive, holistic, 9th - 12th grade high school which believes that school should be transformational for the students, the community, and the world. It is the mission of the City of Bridges High School to graduate young adults who are prepared to assert their agency in the world, who have the lived-experience, knowledge and skills to follow their passions, and who are dedicated to living with empathy, justice, peace, compassion, and joy in order to transform the world into a measurably more positive place.

Personalized and Integrated Curriculum:

Students will have the opportunity to explore their interests and to engage with comprehensive cross-curricular content and experiences.

Real World Learning:


Students will apply their knowledge and skills through real world project and problem-based learning. Students will be taught by educators and by professional practitioners.

Student Agency and Governance: 


Students will build personal and collective agency through full engagement with the school’s governance and development, including student membership in all school committees, positions on the Board of Trustees, and an ongoing dialogue based in kindness and courage.

Core Values



A school which cultivates its students’ inherent human worth, wakefulness, and native intelligence encourages the mindfulness and confidence essential for individual achievement and meaningful engagement in society.



A school with a diverse and student centered curriculum that both allows students to explore their interests and prepare to become engaged citizens of the world.



A school where students learn by doing, guided by practitioners within a rigorous, flexible curriculum.




A school that supports students’ individual and collective agency and their efforts to make the world more just and peaceful through expressions of kindness, generosity, and courage.




A school where students are full participants in the larger community outside the school grounds, learning with and from the community and contributing as citizens of character who are confident in their fundamental worthiness.

New Ideas

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