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City of Bridges High School believes that the best way to support learning, academic and social growth is through focused feedback. We are part of the Mastery Transcript Consortium and our students are expected to demonstrate Mastery in all of their competencies. To do so, students submit a piece of evidence from their portfolio of classwork or final Demonstration of Learning; this provides an authentic snapshot of the breadth and quality of work indicative of each student. Students typically earn one credit per course completed, however evidence can also be obtained from a combination of course, extracurricular, and flexible pathway learning.

Students are required to obtain the following credits to graduate:

12 English

9 Math

9 Social Studies

9 Science

8 Art and Design

6 World Language and Culture

10 Personal Learning Project

3 Future Orientation

8 Internship

8 Expedition Week

6 Capstone

2 Financial Literacy

2 Health and Wellness


For college transcript purposes, student achievement can also be demonstrated with a grading scale:

A 100-90%

B 90-80%

C 80-70%*


*Any score below a 70% is not accepted and student work must be revised to meet that minimum standard.

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