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All City of Bridges students participate in the Community Internship and Apprenticeship Program. Staff and students work together to find internships or apprenticeships with community members or local organizations, that are aligned with the students’ passions. Students gather evidence throughout their internship or apprenticeship experience that demonstrates growth in their chosen competency. Students have one internship each semester beginning in the fall of 9th grade; by graduation students have completed a minimum of 8 internships. 

Community Forge

Romero Library/Center

Turbine Workforce

Robert Perkins, JD

Habitat for Humanity

Farm School

Kentucky Avenue School

TJ Young, Playwright


Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic

Sarah Heinz House

Millvale Fire Company

Radio Skate Shop

Artist Image Resource

American Eagle Corporate Offices

The Weeping Glass

The Queen's Gambit

Provident Charter School

Temper and Grit

Five Points Bakery


Planned Parenthood

Maude's Paper Wing Gallery
Zeal Eva Visuals
CC Mellor Library

UPMC Squirrel Hill Rehab Center
Heidi Optics


Village Center for Holistic Center

Pageboy Salon

The White Willow Studio

Office of Councilwoman Deb Gross

City of Asylum

Ohio School of Falconry

Emmanus Stable

Purcell Beef Farm

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

Sarah's Pets and Plants

Carnegie Library

Venture Outdoors

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy

Mobile Sculpture Workshop

The Mattress Factory

Create Lab at CMU

Urban Impact


BMW Oakland

Student Conservation Association

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Jenna Vandenbrink, Ceramics

Center for Victims

Straussberger, McKenna, Gutnick and Gefsky

The Office of Bruce Kraus, Pittsburgh City Council

Duquesne University Physics Department

Waldorf School of Pittsburgh


Chad Hicks Baking Emporium
Saturday Light Brigade
Goat Milk Fudge Studios

Abolition Books & Puja Tea

Romance Writer Lainey Davis

Rescue & Relax

All in PA

Write PGH

PGH Body Piercing

Pitt University Store

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